Tools and Resources

Here we will list links to important resources for streamers. Please let us know if there is anything you think should be added to this list. By listing these resources we are not specifically endorsing any of these websites or programs. The items in BOLD are the ones I personally love.

Chat Clients

Moderation Bots

Follow Notifiers


Partnership Alternative

Chrome Plugins

Music/Sound Utilities

Poll Creators

Stream Start Notifiers

Voice Chat

Multi Stream Viewers

Tournament Management

Stats and Strategy

  • – View the current top-performer games to help determine what to play. Also good monthly stats breakdown.
  • – The best place to view how you’re growing, what times work best for you, and what games have performed the best for your stream historically
  • SocialBlade – The first and still the largest tracking site dedicated to YouTube and Twitch, and attempts to show you growth over time and projected growth into the future.